REVIEW : Kiehl's BB Cream in Light Shade

5:16:00 PM

Hey, how you doing guys?
I'm super good right now.
I won the Wing n WinK MUC! Go click here to read the post.
Anyway, today as I promise at this post, here is the review of my recent favorite BB Cream.
Yes, it's Kiehl's BB Cream!

I use the "Light" shade, which is the medium one.
The BB Cream itself has a light cover as you can see in the pictures below.

What I love about it are:
- the color is fit with my natural skin
- it doesn't greasy at all
- not heavy
- for me the oil control is pretty good (FYI: my skin is dry to normal)
- it has 50 spf pa +++
- it also has vitamin C

What I don't like is too pricy... lol

The picture above is the finish look after applied only BB Cream, the picture below is after I applied concealer and loose powder (actually, this is a sneak peek of my next post :D).

Anyway, there is a photo contest by Kiehl's Indonesia and the judge is Todd Anthony Tyler!
Check out the picture below, for more info visit Kiehl's Indonesia facebook page.

Yes, I'm gonna join the competition. Hope to win!! :D

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