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Most of you maybe know that last Saturday, I went to Beauty Blogger Meet Up at Nanny's Pavilion in Central Park, Jakarta. It was the first meet up ever, that's why I super excited. I even reschedule my pattern making class to attend this event.

Kebanyakan dari kamu pasti tahu deh, kalo Sabtu lalau aku pergi ke Beauty Blogger Meet Up di  Nanny's Pavilion - Central Park, Jakarta. Ini acara pertama kalinya lho, jadi aku semangat banget. Sampai harus reschedule kelas pattern making.

It's an event where beauty bloggers can share pretty much everything and there were tons of goodies, yay! So, the event was started by an opening speech from Carnellin & Tia . After that, we continued with sponsored which explained about their products. In each session we got goodies and there will be some contests too.

Nah, di acara ini tempatnya para beauty blogger kumpul sambil bahas tentang apapun. Selain itu banyak banget goodies. Pertama acara dibuka oleh Carnellin & Tia . Terus dilanjut oleh perwakilan dari para sponsor yang menjelaskan tentang produk mereka. Di setiap sesi kita diberikan goodies dan akan ada kontes juga.

The first session was from V10 Plus Indonesia. We got some information about their peeling. I also try the peeling on my hands and was amazed by the result. You can read the full review about this product on my previous post.

Perwakilan pertama dari V10 Plus Indonesia yang menjelaskan produk peeling-nya. Aku coba di tangan dan kaget lihat hasilnya. Kamu bisa baca review produk ini di postingku sebelumnya.
After that, we got makeup demo by  Endi with Make Over Indonesia. One of my favorite local brand. Endi taught us how to so simple makeup in 10 minutes. I got some new makeup tricks from this session.

Selanjutnya makeup demo oleh  Endi dan Make Over Indonesia. Salah satu brand lokal yang aku suka. Endi mempraktekan gimana cara makeup simple dalam 10 menit. Banyak trik baru yang aku pelajari di sesi ini. 

Next, we got ZAP. I've never tried any of their hair removal treatment. I hope I can try it soon and will post the review after that.
Nah, terus ada perwakilan dari ZAP. Aku belum pernah coba treatment penghilang bulu-nya jadi penasaran banget. Semoga bisa nyobain dan nanti kutulis review nya di sini deh. 

Move to the next session with Sally Hansen which explained to us about the products in the goodie bag. Also we got introduced with their new products.

Lanjut nih, ada Sally Hansen yang menjelaskan produk di goodie bags mereka. Selain itu kita juga dikenalin dengan produk barunya lho.

Break lunch, yay! So, here was my lunch, one of best seller menu at Nanny's Pavilion. The taste wasn't bad, but the service wasn't really good.

Gak kerasa udah masuk jam makan siang, jadi kita break lunch dulu deh. Ini salah satu menu andalan Nanny's Pavilion. Lumayan sih, sayang servis pelayan-nya kurang oke.

After had lunch, we're ready to continue with another makeup demo by Carryna & Silky Girl. She showed us some tricks how to draw eyeliner. You know, Silky Girl gel eyeliner is one of my favorite.

Setelah perut kenyang, siap lanjut lagi nih dengan sesi dari Silky Girl bersama Carryna. Menjelaskan beberapa cara pemakaian eyeliner. Kamu pasti tahu kan salah satu eyeliner favoritku itu dari Silky Girl.
Now is time for the media partner, Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ). Tia, explained us about it. How to be KBJ bloggers and so on.

Selanjutnya ada penjelasan dari media partner, Kawaii Beauty Japan (KBJ). Tia menjelaskan apa itu KBJ dan bagaimana menjadi KBJ blogger, dll.

Last session, sharing about how to handle the company/brand with Carnellin & Meilani. Yes, we got lotsa good information from them.

Sesi terakhir ada curhat bagaimana berhadapan dengan company/brand oleh Carnellin & Meilani. Kita banyak dapet informasi berguna lho dari mereka.

After that, selfie time! My simple makeup, mixed my favorite foundie with BB cream and wearing new falsies. Hopefully can make a review about the falsies soon.

Terus, saatnya selfie! Makeup simple-ku, mencampur foundation favorit dengan BB cream dan pakai bulumata baru. Semoga bisa nulis reviewtentang bulumata ini secepatnya.

Group photo with some bloggers. Love this shoot LOL

Foto bareng teman-teman blogger. Suka banget sama yang satu ini :D

Took a photo with Carryna & Endi too!

Foto juga sama Carnellin & Endi.

Anyway, there're some goodies from Ayou Beauty & The Soap Corner. I'll try to make those awesome products soon.

Ada juga goodies dari Ayou BeautyThe Soap Corner. Aku berusaha nulis review dari goodiesyang oke2 banget secepatnya ya.

See, the event was awesome, right? Thank you to Carnellin, Meilani & Tia for hosting this event. Also thanks for the sponsored: V10 Plus Indonesia, Make Over Indonesia, Silky Girl, Sally Hansen, ZAP, Ayou Beauty, The Soap Corner & Kawaii Beauty Japan. I hope there will be the next Beauty Bloggers Meet Up.

Keren kan acaranya? Makasih untuk Carnellin, Meilani & Tia yang membuat acara ini. Makasih juga untuk sponsor: V10 Plus Indonesia, Make Over Indonesia, Silky Girl, Sally Hansen, ZAP, Ayou Beauty, The Soap Corner & Kawaii Beauty Japan. Semoga akan ada lagi Beauty Blogger Meet Up selanjutnya.

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