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6:00:00 PM

Hello Hello! I bet you already know about this event and some of you might be coming coming too. Yes, I'm talking about Cosmekitas's launching event at Akmani Hotel, last Sunday. Look how cute the invitation is.

Halo halo! Kamu pasti udah pada tau deh acara ini, mungkin malah dateng juga. Acara launching Cosmekita di Akmani Hotel, Hari Minggu lalu.

You can see many beauty bloggers are coming, look at the long queue at registration table. We also had  lunch together before the event was started.

Lihat deh banyak banget kan beauty blogger yang dateng, sampai antiran di meja registrasinya jadi panjang gitu. Sebelumnya juga kita makan siang dulu.

I took a selfie first before heading to ballroom, because inside it the lighting was pretty dim.

Aku selfie  dulu sebelum masuk ke ballroom, soalnya di dalam cahaya nya kurang terang.

At first, we got Ms. Karmila Tjahyadi to open the event with a short speech. She told us why she decided to make Cosmekita.com.

Pertama-tama, ada Karmila Tjahyadi yang membuka acara dengan pidato singkay. beliau menjelaskan mengapa dibuat Cosmekita.com.

Continued with Mr. Kenny Tjahyadi, he describe more about Cosmekita.com. Basicaly, you can get a lot of information about beauty in Cosmekita.com. You can read some reviews, share some thoughts about beauty stuffs with many beauty lovers, even shopping!

Dilanjutkan oleh Kenny Tjahyadi, beliau menjelaskan lebih banyak tentang Cosmekita.com. Kamu bisa dapat banyak info tentang kecantikan di Cosmekita.com. Bisa baca review, berbagi pendapat ke sesama pencinta makeup dan juga bisa belanja lho!

There was also a short video from Sanny Lie too. You might know her as a beauty blogger. She's also PR of Cosmekita.com.

Ada juga video pendek dari Sanny Lie. Kamu mungkin juga tahu kalau dia juga beauty blogger yang merupakan PR dari Cosmekita.com.

Moving to the next session, my favorite one actually. A beauty demo by Olga Agradia. She's a makeup artist whom got sponsored by Anastasia Beverly Hills. She share some makeup tricks to us, especially how to define the eyebrows.

Ke sesi selanjutnya, sesi yang paling aku suka. Ada beauty demo dari Olga Agradia. makeup artist yang dapat sponsor dari Anastasia Beverly Hills. Dia berbagi berbagai tip tips makeup, terutama cara menggambar alis.


Next, we have 2 hair stylist from Japan, Yamano Mitsu san and Yazawa Shoichi san. Both of them share us how to style our hair in simply way.

Nah selanjutnya ada 2 orang hair stylist dari Jepang, Yamano Mitsu san dan Yazawa Shoichi san. Keduanya berbagi ke kita gimana cara menata rambut yang simpel.

They do a make over to 2 models, one of the model is Rini. Yes, another beauty blogger. She's so gorgeous!

Mereka coba make over 2 model, yang 1 itu Rini. Dia juga beauty blogger. Cantik banget lho!


Well, actually they also bring something special, Aurum. It's like a temporary tattoo, but 99% made with real gold! Anyway, this is Bunga's arm, she was so lucky can be picked by Yamano san to try Aurum, so jelly!

Sebenernya mereka juga bawa sesuatu yang spesial dari Jepang, Aurum. Semacam tato gitu yang 99% dibuat dari emas. Foto di bawah ini tangannya Bunga. Dia beruntung deh dipiliha sama Yamano san untuk dicoba pakai Aurum, iri!


Ok now before moving to the next session lemme share some selfies with beauty bloggers.

Sekarang aku mau sharing selfie sama beberapa beauty bloggers dulu ya.


Before the event was ended, there was a short speech again from Japan Softlens's owner too.

Sebelum acaranya selesai ada pidato singkat dari owner-nya Japan Softlens.

Then, continued with announcement for selfie competition winner. I was won, yay! Thanks to Irene for taking the pictures.

Terus dilanjutkan dengan pengumuman selfie kontes. Aku menang lho, yay! makasih Irene udah motoin hehe.

Not only that, there is a door prize, a gadget from Samsung. And the winner is Auzola. OMG, she's so lucky!

Gak cuma itu aja ada juga door prize, hadiahnya gadget dari Ssmsung. Dan pemenangnya Auzola. Beruntung banget!

Last, the goodie bag! I got some beauty products and I'll promise to make a review post about it, so stay tune guys!

Terakhir, goodie bag! Aku dapet beberapa produk kecantikan dan pastinya nanti akan aku buat review-nya, jadi tungguin ya!

Don't forget to join Cosmekita.com, you won't regret it!

Jangan lupa gabung di Cosmekita.com, gak akan nyesel deh!

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