Paint On Sneakers Competition by Lee Cooper + Centro Department Store

4:30:00 PM

So there is a competition to paint on sneakers and I've been chosen as one of the contestant.
The contest was held by Lee Cooper Indonesia and Centro Department Store.
To be honest I've never try it before. I mean I've never paint on shoes before.
I always super excited to have a new experience!
The contest already started from yesterday and will be closed on this Saturday.
Anyway the theme is MUSIC ICON, as you can see the example is Lady Gaga.
I like Japanese Rock music so, yeah I will paint one of the J Rockers on the shoe (yeah they only gave me 1 shoe not a pair).

Here is the blank shoe and I will update the progress of my shoe on my twitter and instagram.
So, if you curious about it please kindly follow my twitter @RadenAyuMI and instagram @imaginarymi.
Ok, wish me luck!

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