The Body Shop - Strawberry Gift Set Review

9:02:00 PM

As I wrote in my last post, I'm gonna write a review about The Body Shop's products:
- Strawberry Body Shower
- Strawberry Body Butter
- Strawberry Body Polish

Stawberry Body Shower
What I like about it are the smell and the moist effect after use it

Strawberry Body Butter
Ok, you can see how dry is my skin :(
This body butter helps to make my skin moist and of course smells sweet just like a strawberry

Strawberry Body Polish
This is my favorite off all! It is like a body scrub but softer, so you can use it everyday.
I usually use it before I using body shower and it makes my skin softer!

Love it! I definitely gonna repurchase it.
You can see the strawberry's seed on the pict below.

The conclusion:
I love the smell of these products and gonna repurchase only the body polish, since I need a body butter which can makes my skin more moist and for body shower I think it's a lil expensive ^^

Ok, it's for me to sleep, see you in the next post~

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