Insane makeup & hair inspired by ANGELSPIT

3:17:00 PM

If you follow @Angelspit on twitter, you must know that they held a photo contest. As they tweet on twitloger :

So, I decided to join. :)
Here is the picture of mine. The hair was inspired by Amelia Arsenic's blog post "Style Division: Little Miss Militia"
The make up inspired also by her.

Kitty Bow by S-Cawaii - Natural Black
White boyish Wig

Face :
Solid Foundation by La Tullipe
Powder by La Tullipe
Blush on by Revlon
Lipstick by Wardah
Lip Gloss by Revlon
Eyelash by JapanKorea Shop
Eyeliner by Oriflame

I hope to be the Winner!

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