NEWS: Candy Doll New Product - Cheek Color Duo

10:49:00 AM

Hello there! I'm very sorry for not updating my blog for like forever. I was enjoying my Lebaran holiday. Anyway today I'll write more than 1 post, so stay tune!
First post is the new Candy Doll product, well maybe some of you already know about it.
It's called Cheek Color Duo. It's a blusher with 2 colors. The lighter color you can use it as a highlighter and the darker one as a blusher. It comes with 4 variants, you can see the detail in the pictures below.

(Credit: Candy Doll)

(Credit: Lovlit)

Dakota Rose looks so cute with back hair! Anyway, it's kinda remind me of Etude House - Dear My Blooming Cheek, looks so similar.

If you wanna know how to apply it, you can watch the video below. It's in Japanese but you can understand because Tsu-chan describe with pictures.

I've never tried any of Candy Doll blusher because it's a bit expensive, but this one maybe I'm gonna buy, the price for me quite affordable for 2 colors blusher. Maybe I'll choose the no.3, because I don't have a pop pink blusher yet. How about you? Will you buy it and let me know which one is your favorite.

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