REVIEW: Dueba Dreamy.i Green

6:36:00 PM

Hey there? Long time no post about circle lens.
Today, I'll share you one of my favorite circle lens, Dueba Dreamy.i in Green.

Lens description:
- Life Span : 1 Year
- B.C : 8.6mm
- Diameter : 14.5 mm
- Origin : South Korea

Dueba Dreamy.i Green softlens

 Dueba Dreamy.i Green softlens

Dueba Dreamy.i Green softlens

I like the vibrant color and it's quite comfort too :)
I don't think this lens can make your eyes look bigger tho.
You can see in the picture above.
But your eyes looks prettier, well I guess it works for me :D

Dueba Dreamy.i Green softlens

I don't use this lens for daily life, the color is too vibrant.
I guess I'll recommend Dueba Dreamy.i Green for you who wanna look instantly different. Ok, that's is for today. See you in the next post <3 p="">

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