REVIEW : Innisfree It's Real Green Tea Mask Sheet

10:41:00 AM

I'm back with another mask sheet review!
Yes, I'm a huge fan of mask sheet, especially Korean Mask sheet.
Why? because it's really works on my skin, I don't hace to wash off my face again and the price is affordable :)
Anyway, today's review is Innisfree It's Real Green Tea Mask Sheet.
This is my second Innisfree mask sheet, before I posted the pome one, click here to read it.

This mask has green tea as the main ingredients.
So I googled what are the benefits of green tea for skin.
Antioxidants, protection from skin cancer, anti-aging, refreshing, etc
Awesome right?
Ok, so here is my face with the mask.
I applied it before I go to sleep after applied toner and serum.

I leave this mask on my skin for about 15 minutes.
And I feel super fresh after that! I mean my skin :D
Seriously this mask is great!
I'll repurchase it.

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