REVIEW: Baviphat Black Head Good Bye Nose Patch

3:42:00 PM

Hi everyone! :)
 How's your day?
Anyway, today I'll do a review, one of my favorite skin care product.
It's a black head removing strip by Baviphat (Korean cosmetics brand).
I've tried many other brands, but this one is the best for me.

The Baviphat Black Head Good Bye Nose Patch has a wide design which is really fit with my big nose LOL!
You should pat a bit of water (a warm water is the best, so your pore will be open) on your nose then applied it.
Wait about 20 minutes then you can remove (do it as fast as you can) it.

Look how gross the result is, ewwww :(

After that you can rub your nose with an ice cube.

Overall I love this product because:
- cheap
- really works
- easy to apply & remove
- the design (wide)

Nothing I don't like and yes I'll repurchase it.
My brother also love it!
Ok, that's it for today!
See you on the next post~

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