COOL JAPAN Which is Not So Cool

2:51:00 PM

So last Friday me, my sister and her bf went to Grand Indonesia to visit the COOL JAPAN Exhibition.

I was super excited untill I was there. It was not an exhibition like I thought.
It was just a promotion of an online store which is sell many things about Japan.
I was so disappointed :(

Anyway, I came because I wanna see HIDE's (X Japan) replica guitar and KEN's (L`Arc~en~Ciel) also TETSUYA's (L`Arc~en~Ciel) replica bass.

There was also L`Arc~en~Ciel World Tour 2012 Book and cute Manga socks. I super want the HISOKA one!

Actually you can took a picture in Yukata but at that time, the queue was like unorganized.
If you wanna come, go to Grand Indonesia - West Mall 5th floor.

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