Ena Emoda's Look

8:55:00 PM

Yes Yes Yes, I'm back with a make up tutorial post.
It's Ena Matsumoto Emoda's Look.

I love her fashion sense also the make up.
There are 3 important things:
1. Brown Contact Lens

2. False eyelashes

3. Wavy Hair

Ok now, start with using your favorite make up base.
Mine is BB cream.
Next step make your eyes look bigger, using brown eye shadow then blend it.
Use the same color to line your waterline.
Then draw a line with a black eyeliner near your top lashes.

Next step is curl your lashes and apply long mascara. I'm sorry I don't have the picture of this step.
Now, take your favorite false lashes and cut it into 2 pieces. Apply it on your corner eyes, just like the picture below.

Now, put your favorite lip color. Mine is red lip tint then lip gloss on it.

Now, you got her look, Ena Emoda's.
Try it, it's super easy!

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