I am a Bachelor of Computer Science

4:23:00 PM

LTR KunKun, Tyas, Melia and Mi
The day before graduation day, rehearsal

The Before-After Make Up. 
I did my make up by myself. I use BB Cream, Primer, Moisturizer, Eyeliner from Etude House, La Tulipe Powder, Revlone Blush On, Maybelline Lipstick and Mascara.

My seat and the medalion. Yes, I was in Binus University at the Computer Science Faculty.

I was waiting for the photo shoot with the King Photo Studio and was very lucky since there is no long queue.

I thankful Allah SWT who made my college on time, it was 3.5 years, for everything that happened since the first half. I'm really thankful Allah SWT because I have many great friends and of course a great BF too. It just because my father passed away in last January, so I fell something is missing. After all, I feel very blessed.

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